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Success in Thailand

Universal Group Thailand is an international property development company focusing on residential and hospitality projects. The group stepped into Thailand’s property market in 2012 with one of the biggest themed condominium projects in Pattaya - Seven Seas Condo Resort Jomtien. .

Why Invest In Thailand’s East Coast

Pattaya City, located in Chonburi Province, is just an eighty minute drive from Thailand’s main Suvarnabhumi International Airport.
During the last twenty years Pattaya has emerged as one of Thailand’s favorite play stations. Both domestically and internationally. It’s a weekend retreat for many people trapped in Bangkok’s grid locked capital who need to escape and breathe. Internationally people from many countries in the world have made their homes in Pattaya with many more flying in every year, sometimes more than once, for vacations.
The infrastructure, in and around Pattaya, has dramatically improved with the introduction of first class motorways all around the city. You can reach Sukhumvit Road, the main route to Bangkok, in less than ten minutes and be in the centre of Bangkok in anther ninety minutes. Pattaya itself has a range of shopping centre's that include: Central Festival, The Royal Garden, Harbour Mall, Marina Pacific Mall. These are a match for anywhere in Thailand and will be added to with the completion in 2018 of Pattaya’s Terminal 21. Plus there are also many local markets waiting for you to explore them. Fine local and international dining can be discovered all around Pattaya.
Pattaya City is an International City with everything that you could possibly think of. International Hospitals. International Schools. International Law Enforcement. International Immigration. Twenty International Golf Courses Right on Your Doorstep plus Ex-Pat Sports Teams for every Sport you can think of. Soccer, Cricket, Tennis, Badminton, Polo and many others. International Cabarets and International Theme Parks. Pattaya has just one thing missing, International Casinos, but with changes expected in Thai law this could happen very soon.

Where are we ?

Five minutes’ drive from Pattaya you will reach Jomtien and this is where you will find three of our Thailand developments. In the last fifteen years the landscape has totally changed in the South of Jomtien. If you blinked you would have missed your chance to invest. Don’t blink now. Don’t miss out on the fantastic opportunities we have for you.

Because we still can !